What Happens During a Fire Sprinkler Inspection?

  Have you ever wondered what happens during a fire sprinkler inspection? If so, this post is for you. Today, I sat down with Scott Rose, a 22+ year veteran in fire protection, and we talked about what goes into a fire sprinkler inspection. Scott got right into it…“Well it depends if it’s a wet […]

Annual Fire Extinguisher Service – What Actually Happens?

  You would expect an annual fire extinguisher inspection to be the same no matter which fire protection company does it. After being in the industry for 17+ years, our lead technician, Jeff Narraway has seen the good and the bad when it comes to annual fire extinguisher service. Today, we’ll show you everything that […]

Why You Should Convert to a Nitrogen Fire Suppression System

    We ran into a case where a company had a leaking dry fire suppression system. For months and months, they fixed the problem with repairs. However, when is the right time for a total system replacement? And what should the replacement be? Today we’ll look at a real-life project of someone who had […]

4 of the Newest Fire Alarm Technologies

  Fire alarms have been around forever. In fact, the first alarm was invented in 1852  by Dr. William F. Channing and Moses Farmer. Their fire alarm included two boxes, each containing a telegraphic key with a handle. When someone detected a fire, they would crank the handle, which would then relay the details of the fire […]

The 5 Question Fire Extinguisher Quiz

  Do you know everything about fire extinguishers? Whether you’re a certified technician, or you have never used one, this short, five question quiz will test your knowledge. The main goal of the quiz is for you to learn at least one new fact about fire extinguishers that you didn’t know before. Let’s begin!

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