Protegis Managed Services – Fire & Life Safety Solutions

Does your business have multiple locations? Are you or someone you know managing your fire protection services for all the locations? Is your company looking for one service provider that can provide consistent service delivery and pricing across all locations? If so, Protegis can help with our Managed Services Program.

Managed Services Benefits 

Standardized Pricing – Based on your company’s portfolio, we can create a pricing structure that can work with your budget. 

Consistent Deliverables – Trained technicians complete Testing, Inspection, Maintenance, and Repairs on a routine basis.

AHJ Compliance – Our service team and technical experts work together to make safety and compliance a cinch.

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The Protegis Advantage

Does Your Fire & Life Safety Provider Offer Fire Alarm Parts & Repairs?

At Protegis, we have an In-House Repair Lab and a huge inventory of Reconditioned Legacy Fire Alarm System Parts. This allows us to provide customers with the best service possible by having the capability to keep legacy fire alarm systems up and running with minimal downtime or impact on business conditions.


  • Test & Inspection – Services that keep your facility compliant, improves insurance eligibility, and protect people and property.
  • Service & Repair – We are available 24/7 for emergency services, diagnose problems, system repairs, and central monitoring.
  • Install & Maintain – Our factory-trained and certified technicians install and maintain systems customized to any facility.

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