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Protegis Tech U – Technician Training

What is Protegis Tech U?


Protegis Tech U is our all-new Technician Training & Development Program, established to provide opportunities for professional development, career planning and discipline specific training to Protegis’ technicians. Training is available in most fire protection disciplines, utilizing Protegis subject matter experts, industry approved training guides, and demonstrated training techniques to help support increased expertise, cross-disciplinary training, and advancement opportunities.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any Protegis technician who wants to improve their skillset and expand their knowledge! No matter what systems you focus on, there is always room for advancement in your career. Any tech who wants to improve his/her skill set or refresh their knowledge will be able to utilize this training.

What kind of training is offered?

The Protegis Tech U resource catalog includes all key fire protection disciplines including sprinkler, fire alarm, special hazards, kitchen suppression, and portables. Additional resources and training programs are available to support technicians in the following areas:
• State Licensure & Professional Credentialing
• Cross-functional training
• Manufacturer training
• Third-party certification prep & practice tests
• Continuing education & refresher courses

How will our technicians be trained?

Training and resources are available in many formats, including online, printed materials, classroom-style study, and individual coaching.


We Make Sure Your Fire Extinguisher Works

Let Us Make Sure Your Fire Extinguisher Will Work For You

Fire Extinguisher Capabilities


Maintenance Inspections

On a yearly basis, we do a complete examination of the fire extinguisher and identify anything that needs to be repaired.


Anytime a fire extinguisher is discharged, even for a second, it needs to be properly serviced, or it may not work when needed.


We perform routine service to ensure your extinguishers adhere to local, state, and national codes, including six-year and twelve-year required services.

Hydrostatic Testing

Over time, visual inspections aren’t enough. To validate the structural integrity and safety of your extinguisher, we perform hydrostatic testing.


Multiple Types of Fire Training Classes Available!

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We hope you never have to use your fire extinguishers but to be safe, let us make sure they will work for you. Services vary by location,  so contact us today to discuss your needs.

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Should I Refill or Replace My Fire Extinguisher?


If you’ve recently had to use your fire extinguishers to put out a fire, then you have one of two options. The first is to get your fire extinguisher completely refilled or recharged. The second option is to replace your entire unit. How do you know which one you should choose? What things should you consider? That’s what we’re here to discuss today.

Here is some quick, helpful advice when it comes to determining whether you should replace your fire safety equipment or have it refilled. Let’s jump right in!

When to refill your tank

Fire extinguishers are built to last – and in some cases can be useful for up to 12 years or more. This means that so long as you keep up with your regular, routine inspections and take care of your equipment, your shell should be in good shape, and you’ll be able to recharge your extinguisher as many times as you need to.

However, a caveat to this is with regards to smaller fire extinguishers. They’re usually only made for a few uses if that. So if you recently used one to put out a fire, we recommend you get it replaced. For normal to larger extinguishers, you should be fine getting them refilled.

When it’s time to get them replaced

Any time you use an extinguisher, you should have it inspected. But when is it time to get a new unit? We recommend purchasing a replacement IF:

  • The hose or nozzle is damaged
  • Pins are broken or missing
  • Wobbly handles
  • No inspection tag or a missing inspection tag
  • Cracks or damage to the extinguisher’s shell.

These are all repairs that can’t be made or, if they were made – would cost you a pretty penny. A good rule of thumb is that if the extinguisher experiences any significant damage on the exterior, then it’s time to get it replaced.

If you have a question about this or any other fire protection topic, don’t hesitate to contact Protegis Fire & Safety.


Get Fire Sprinkler Systems Ready Now!

Now Is The Time To Get Your Fire Sprinkler Systems Ready.




Sprinkler Capabilities

Testing, Inspections, Maintenance, Installation, and 24/7 Service

Wet Systems, Dry Systems, Deluge, Pre-Action, and Antifreeze





Fire Pump Capabilities

We offer full testing and installation of electric and diesel fire pumps. This includes a review of electronic controllers and full rebuild capabilities.




Backflow Capabilities

Our sprinkler team is certified to perform backflow tests, repairs, and rebuilds of all make and models of backflow preventers.




and many more…



Call us today to schedule your fire sprinkler system and fire pump inspections.





The Scoop on Fire Inspections


Every year, fire safety pros conduct thousands upon thousands of safety inspections of businesses and facilities all over the country. We do these inspections to catch any potential fire hazards before they become catastrophes. Those catastrophes could be anything from property loss to the actual loss of life.

We know that every business owner does what they can to make sure their facilities are up to code, but there’s always a learning curve for these kinds of things and always something to learn.

For those of you who are new to the process, here are some of the basics of fire inspections and what you can expect when it’s time for you to get one done. Let’s jump right in!


To get ready for your inspection, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a checklist of all the things you need to have inline so you can rest assured that at least the basics are covered. It’ll help you stay on track with the maintenance you’ve already conducted as well as some of the things that you still need to do.

Also, annual fire inspections are random, sometimes unscheduled events. That means it’s crucial to be prepared at all times to make sure your building is safe.

Why Inspections are Good

Fire inspections are necessary because of what they do – but in many ways, they’re more important in terms of what they say: that you’re a responsible person who provides a safe working environment for employees, residents, and customers who will go to and from your building.

It’s also vital to your security. Even if you’re the owner, the statistics on fires in small businesses are sobering. 80% of small businesses that experience even a small fire will never reopen. In addition, a building that is well maintained has better resale value and can help you save on insurance premiums.

The Actual Inspection

Inspectors will check various things in your building to ensure they are working as they should. Access points to the building should be free and clear of any obstructions. Means of egress should be accessible and easy to see and in good working order. Electrical components should be appropriately labeled and installed. Exit signs should be lit, you should have backup power in the event of a power outage, and all your alarms need to be both maintained and easy to get to.

If you have any questions on this topic or any other fire protection topics, please feel free to contact Protegis Fire & Safety.