Why It’s So Important To Have Your Fire Systems Maintained

Your commercial fire systems are there to keep you and your employees safe in the event of a fire. Maintaining them regularly is important – and not just for the obvious reasons.

Today, we’re going to tackle the concept of fire alarm system maintenance and discuss why maintaining it frequently is so important. Let’s begin.

It Helps To Save Lives

File this under the ‘no kidding’ tab, but it’s always worth mentioning and mentioning again. Your employees are entitled to come to work and feel safe knowing their leadership did everything they could to ensure their well-being. For many, their work is our lives. Don’t let them down.

Saving Money

This might seem a little weird because you’re probably thinking ‘don’t I have to pay for monthly maintenance?’ The answer is yes you do, but most insurance companies – provided you can prove that you get your fire suppression equipment inspected regularly – will offer some pretty hefty discounts that can save you a hefty chunk of change. Keep your business safer and take advantage of savings doing it. Win, win!


Insurance companies won’t pay your claim unless you can show proof that you have your system inspected. So if you can save money upfront and if the worst happens, you can rebuild, it behooves you to have your system maintained.

Federal, State, and Local Compliance

If you think the cost of monthly maintenance is annoying, wait until your local inspector comes and starts ringing you up for all of your code violations. And violations aren’t just a fine for not having something up to snuff. It also includes repair fees; installation fees and the like just to get certain components up to code. Monthly maintenance gets out in front of these issues so you don’t have to worry about code violations.

Whether you need smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or alarms installed and maintained on your commercial property – we can help. Stay safe, be diligent, and contact us for any questions or help you may need!

Protegis Fire & Safety

It is Essential to Protect Your Building During COVID-19

With non-essential employees working from home, buildings have been left empty. Of course, the most important thing to do is to protect your employees and follow government guidelines, but don’t forget about the health of your building as well. When buildings are empty, they are at risk for fire and vandalism.

Recently, NFPA has recommended “All commercial and multi-occupancy residential buildings should maintain fully operational fire and life safety systems as required by the applicable codes and standards. (NFPA 25, NFPA 72®, NFPA 101®) .” Whether your building is occupied or not, it is important to keep these systems maintained.

NFPA went on to say, ” Those responsible for these buildings should adhere to the expected schedules for inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) that are vital to their operation. If they are unable to do so, they should contact their local authority having jurisdiction.”

Since fire protection has been deemed essential, fire protection companies can continue to inspect, test and maintain your buildings. This way, when your business is ready to resume operations, you will be all set.

Besides NFPA, FM Global agrees about the importance of maintaining fire protection. They say, “It’s important to keep fire protection in place. Have maintenance staff check daily to ensure sprinkler valves are locked open. Remove debris and ignitable liquids, and closely monitor any welding or other ‘hot work’ taking place on the property. Alert the local fire department of the building’s change in use.”

Unsecured properties are more susceptible to incendiary fires than secured properties, so please continue to maintain your fire protection systems. This way, your building will remain safe and be ready when your business resumes normal operations.

If you need help maintaining your fire protection needs, please contact Protegis Fire & Safety.

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