The 5 Question Fire Extinguisher Quiz

certified technician checking a fire extinguisher
Do you know everything about fire extinguishers? Whether you’re a certified technician, or you have never used one, this short, five question quiz will test your knowledge.
The main goal of the quiz is for you to learn at least one new fact about fire extinguishers that you didn’t know before.
Let’s begin!
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The 5 Question Fire Alarm Quiz

smoke detector about to set off a fire alarm system
Whether you’re new to fire alarm systems, or you’re a seasoned pro, this 5 question fire alarm quiz will certainly heighten your awareness.
I will give you the questions first, and then in the next section,  I will give you the answers as well as an explanation as to why that’s the answer.
Good luck!
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How to Perform a Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection

So I’ve purchased my fire extinguishers for my company…now I can just sit back and relax until my licensed fire protection company comes next year for inspection?
Well you can, but damage accumulates after every use, every time the extinguisher gets moved, and it gets damaged from everyday tasks that happen around the extinguisher.
That’s why the NFPA requires monthly inspections. You don’t need a licensed professional to do your monthly inspections, so we’ve developed the inspection list for you.

Here are the 13 steps to perform your own monthly fire extinguisher inspection:

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Do You Know Your Different Types of Fire Sprinklers?

two types of fire sprinkler systems
There are various types of sprinklers that are used to extinguish a fire. To bring a better understanding of the different types of sprinklers used in the industry, we will go over what systems are used for different environmental conditions and how each of these systems operate.
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