Brookfield Properties

The Challenge

Brookfield Properties, is an S&P 500 company focused exclusively on owning, managing, leasing, and redeveloping high quality retail properties throughout the United States. They own and manage approximately 125 shopping malls throughout the United States. Brookfield Properties’s mission is to own and operate best-in-class retail properties that provide an outstanding environment and experience for our Communities, Retailers, Employees, Consumers and Shareholders.

Managing the life safety systems at 125 different properties in different jurisdictions has been a huge corporate burden to Brookfield Properties. Therefore, they needed a company who could become their life safety department and bring each location under one common umbrella.

The Solution

Protegis now provides Brookfield Properties with a one-stop source of life safety, fire alarm, and sprinkler inspection and maintenance management. With this centralized approach, both Brookfield Properties corporate staff and local mall staff have a single point of contact for inspection report archives, compliance questions, and service/maintenance requests. 125 different properties may have 125 different jurisdiction requirements—some stringent and some loose. Protegis gives Brookfield Properties one consistent battery of inspection requirements guaranteeing inspection standards across all properties and all jurisdictions. This increase in efficiency allows Brookfield Properties to concentrate on their true mission of providing an outstanding retail environment and experience for their communities, and to not worry about life safety compliance and maintenance.

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