Fort Campbell

The Challenge

Military bases run with precision and pride, but occasionally a glitch can occur. In the course of doing regular monitoring and updates, officials at Kentucky’s Fort Campbell military installation – home of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) – asked Protegis Fire & Safety was asked to provide a quote for inspecting and servicing the base’s fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Fort Campbell did not have records or an active inventory available, so it was a start-from-scratch mission for Protegis.

The Solution

In the fall of 2004, Protegis conducted a 100% system inventory for Fort Campbell, which detailed the exact system manufacturer and model of fire alarms, sprinklers and suppression systems installed in every building on the post. Protegis provided a written and electronic report, enabling the client to see the pertinent system, brand information and device counts. The electronic report also features a hyperlink to digital photos of the system locations and any other unique information available.

Protegis’s detailed research uncovered a serious problem with multiple malfunctioning sprinkler valves in several aircraft hangars. If left unchecked, extensive damage could result to military aircraft parked in the hangars. Protegis was able to fix the issues and was subsequently awarded an initial three-year service contract in 2005 with Fort Campbell for more than 600 buildings on site. Protegis’s exceptional performance has resulted in four consecutive contract renewals.

Protegis is honored and proud to be the representative chosen to protect the life safety of the soldiers and Department of the Army civilians of the Fort Campbell community.

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