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Why It’s So Important To Have Your Fire Systems Maintained


Your commercial fire systems are there to keep you and your employees safe in the event of a fire. Maintaining them regularly is important – and not just for the obvious reasons.

Today, we’re going to tackle the concept of fire alarm system maintenance and discuss why maintaining it frequently is so important. Let’s begin.

It Helps To Save Lives

File this under the ‘no kidding’ tab, but it’s always worth mentioning and mentioning again. Your employees are entitled to come to work and feel safe knowing their leadership did everything they could to ensure their well-being. For many, their work is our lives. Don’t let them down.

Saving Money

This might seem a little weird because you’re probably thinking ‘don’t I have to pay for monthly maintenance?’ The answer is yes you do, but most insurance companies – provided you can prove that you get your fire suppression equipment inspected regularly – will offer some pretty hefty discounts that can save you a hefty chunk of change. Keep your business safer and take advantage of savings doing it. Win, win!


Insurance companies won’t pay your claim unless you can show proof that you have your system inspected. So if you can save money upfront and if the worst happens, you can rebuild, it behooves you to have your system maintained.

Federal, State, and Local Compliance

If you think the cost of monthly maintenance is annoying, wait until your local inspector comes and starts ringing you up for all of your code violations. And violations aren’t just a fine for not having something up to snuff. It also includes repair fees; installation fees and the like just to get certain components up to code. Monthly maintenance gets out in front of these issues so you don’t have to worry about code violations.

Whether you need smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or alarms installed and maintained on your commercial property – we can help. Stay safe, be diligent, and contact us for any questions or help you may need!

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Five Fire Safety Myths


Fire safety is an important part of the operation of any building – whether it’s commercial or residential. There’s a lot to do to make sure you’re ready in the event of a fire, but there’s also a lot of noise out there regarding what people know and take as fact. Today, we’re going to discuss some of those myths and why you shouldn’t take them to heart.

New Buildings Are Safer

They’re not. Let’s face it – age is just a number. Any fire can be life-threatening, no matter how old or new your building may be. What’s important here isn’t the age – it’s the type of fire protection system you have that’ll make the difference. Is yours outdated and aging? Is it adequate for the makeup of the building or the type of business that resides within it? It’s smart to consult with a fire safety professional to understand what systems are best for your building.

Smoke Detectors Are Enough

No way. Not even close. Smoke detectors save lives. There’s no questioning that. But they won’t help extinguish flames or tell you where a fire is located. Sometimes, smoke detectors can even fail, and when they do – lives could be at stake. Smoke detectors are a must-have for any building – but they’re not enough on their own to protect you.

People Panic In Fires

The thinking here isn’t all that outrageous. Many people don’t handle stress well. But in the event of a fire, research has actually proven to be the opposite. Having a plan and going over it with your employees and residents is the most important thing. If they’re prepared, their chances of getting to safety unharmed increase almost eightfold. By having regular drills and practicing evacuation procedures, the people in your building will be prepared, and you can count on them to most likely act with a level head and get out safely.

Small Fires Can Be Put Out Just By You

While people think a fire extinguisher might solve their problem – the fact is, and the research suggests that the most damaging fires often start small. No matter how big or small a fire is, follow the safety protocols that you’ve set in place.

Sprinkler Systems Freeze When It Gets Cold

They don’t. There are many new ways to install and maintain sprinkler systems today, that weather and temperature play almost no role in their failures. Trust the people installing them that even if it’s frigid outside, your system will work. Now, malfunctions may occur elsewhere and for different reasons. That’s why maintenance on an ongoing basis is a must-have. But the temperature won’t cause your system to malfunction.

Now that you know the facts, it’s time to make sure your building is fully prepared for any emergency that might arise. Give us a call, and we’ll help you map out a plan or system that works best for your building.



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All About Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are some of the most common and important fire protection tools in a commercial setting. That being said, in the event they do need to be used – while they’ll protect you from fire, they can cause a lot of collateral damage. Sprinklers can damage carpets, paperwork, electronics, and a whole host of other things in your office.

The good news is there is an alternative form of fire suppression system for that kind of space, and they’re called ‘clean agent fire suppression systems.’ Today, we’re going to discuss a few reasons that these agents are a great choice for your commercial office space. Let’s jump right in!

Zero Water Damage and Residue

Whether you’re trying to protect a server room or museum exhibits full of priceless art and artifacts, traditional fire suppression methods like foams and water – can damage those materials. Clean agent systems use chemicals in a gaseous form that essentially displaces the oxygen around a fire – suffocating it and preventing it from combusting. It quickly and cleanly suppresses and eliminates the fire, protecting many of these important possessions around it.

They’re Non-Toxic

Many of the chemical-based fire suppression systems use a form of carbon dioxide to tamp out fires. While that’s great for quickly controlling and eliminating a fire, CO2 can be particularly harmful to humans. These systems can’t be used in buildings or places where you have humans on the job. Clean agent systems, conversely, use concentrations that are safe for people and won’t be harmful. That way, you can rest assured that not only are your building and possessions protected from a fire, but your employees are protected as well.

It’s Not Bad For The Environment

Chemicals have many practical and even necessary applications, but there is a downside – and that’s usually that they’re bad for the environment. The great thing about clean agent fire suppression systems is that, well, they’re clean. Hydrofluorocarbons don’t deplete the ozone and are not only safe for the environment but for people as well. These systems also use things like nitrogen and argon, which return to the environment in their natural state once a suppression system is discharged. While safety is always the concern over whether you’re a good global citizen, it is nice to know you don’t have to worry about any adverse effects.

Clean agent fire suppression systems protect your building without harming your employees or your possessions – and do so without putting the environment at risk. If you’re interested in learning more about installing a clean agent suppression system in your office building, give us a call.