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NFPA – Fire Prevention Week 2021 (Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety)

Since 1922, NFPA has sponsored the public observance of Fire Prevention Week. Every year it takes place during the week of October 9th to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire.

This week, fire prevention week kicked off with a theme of “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety.” Whether you are at home or in the general public, it is very important for you to know when to act in order to stay safe.

Some of the important messages are shown below:


Click any of the below links to learn more:

Campus Fire Safety

Hotel & Motel Safety

Fire Alarms in Apartment Buildings

High-rise Apartment & Condo Safety


As a life safety company, we are committed to protecting people and property each day. Therefore, we want to take this opportunity to help get the word out about this very important week. To learn even more about Fire Prevention Week or NFPA topics in general, please visit

Stay safe.





Make Sure Your Life Safety Systems are Maintained!

Don’t Let This Happen to You

Make Sure Your Systems are Maintained!

Protegis helps prevent burst pipes, cracked valves, and other winter-related issues.

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Important Winter System Maintenance

Wet Sprinkler Systems – Schedule your wet sprinkler inspection to ensure it is at a minimum of 40⁰F or your antifreeze loop is maintained at the proper level per code requirements.

Dry Sprinkler Systems – Auxiliary drains on your system must be drained before the onset of freezing weather conditions and thereafter as needed.

Hydrants – Let us maintain your hydrants so water doesn’t freeze inside them and prevent proper use during an emergency.

Fire Pumps – Since fire pumps aid in providing the proper water pressure and volume for your sprinkler system, get them inspected before the temperature drops.



Consistent cold temperatures are right around the corner, so schedule your inspections today.




Is Your Facility Secure?


When it comes to protecting your employees, business & assets, it’s important to know that Protegis’ team of experts is ready to offer solutions for your unique security needs. Whether you are an enterprise-level client or a small business owner, we can provide the latest security technology.


Access Contol

Control The Who, When & Where People Enter Your Building



High-Resolution Image Capture For Expedited Incident Resolution


Burglar / Intrusion Detection

 Protect your facility from unauthorized intrusion with our solutions



Utilizing the Newest Technology with “Express Picture”



What We Do?


Our team specializes in creating a security “roadmap” for your facilities. At Protegis, we want to make sure you have a plan to keep your business safe and secure for years to come.


Our experts can design access control, camera/video,& intrusion systems for all business sizes, from a standalone building to a network of buildings across multiple locations.


After you have decided what system is right for you, our expert technicians will come to your facility and install your system. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we will work around your schedule.


From maintaining security software to positioning and cleaning cameras, our team can provide you with the appropriate level of maintenance & service to keep your security equipment working and your property safe.


Brands We Represent



You can trust Protegis to provide the best security solutions for your company.

Let us show you how WE DO IT RIGHT, WE MAKE IT EASY. 






Simplify Maintenance with Fire Sprinkler Inspections by Protegis

Trusting a Fire Alarm provider to maintain your Fire Sprinkler System can make inspections a breeze.

Our Sprinkler Capabilities


Wet Systems, Dry Systems, Deluge, Pre-Action, and Antifreeze

Testing…Inspections…Maintenance…Installation…24/7 Service



We offer full testing and installation of electric and diesel fire pumps. This includes a review of electronic controllers, as well as full rebuild capabilities.



Our sprinkler team is certified to perform backflow tests, repairs, and rebuilds of all make and models of backflow preventers.


Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you would like to request a quote for your Fire Sprinkler System, Backflow, and Fire Pump Inspections.



Complete Fire Alarm Support Available at Protegis

Let Us Service Your Fire Alarm System

At Protegis, we can completely support your Fire Alarm System.




More About Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

-Protegis can help save you money by eliminating your traditional phone lines

-The added advantage is that you’ll have increased reliability by upgrading to the latest technology


To find out more about our Fire Alarm services, please call us today.