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Portable fire extinguishers are the first line of defense against small fires in most buildings. In fact, while sprinklers, alarms, and other fire protection devices are only required in certain occupancies, portable fire extinguishers are required in every single business.

Services Offered


protegis fire and safety Inspection, Service & Maintenance

Inspection, Service & Maintenance

Protegis offers fire extinguisher services that keep your facility compliant, ensures the equipment is ready, improves insurance eligibility and protects people and property. Protegis inspects fire extinguishers and performs routine service and maintenance that adhere to local, state and national codes, including six-year and twelve-year required services. Protegis also offers 24/7 emergency fire extinguisher service.

protegis fire and safety Shop Facilities

Shop Facilities

Many of Protegis’ offices are Department of Transportation certified, with technicians that can perform high pressure cylinder testing, breathing air recharges and CO2 Recharging. You can also walk in to any of our locations for on-demand shop service while you wait. Please call ahead for shop service hours at our locations.

protegis fire and safety New Extinguishers & Cabinets

New Extinguishers & Cabinets

Not all extinguishers are created equal, however, and Protegis’ team of experts is here to help you decide which type and model is right for the hazards you need to protect. In addition, we can perform a full assessment of your location to ensure you have the number of extinguishers required by code, and that they are spaced properly throughout your facility. We also carry the top brands of fire extinguisher cabinets that come in a range of colors, materials and styles to meet your specification.

protegis fire and safety Fire Training

Fire Training

Protegis is a top provider of fire training services in our region. Our customers, understanding code requirements for fire suppression tools, look to our training team to provide on-site training on “how” to use these life saving devices. According to the OSHA Federal Guidelines, employees are required to be trained on the use of fire extinguishers and other safety procedures on an annual basis. Additionally, many insurance companies require that employees be trained in fire extinguisher usage. Protegis provides classroom fire training, live fire training and BullEx Fire Extinguisher Simulator training.


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Protegis offers services that keeps companies compliant, ensures the equipment is ready, improves insurance eligibility and protects people and property.


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Protegis - Our team of highly trained technicians are comprehensive, efficient and pride themselves on performing high quality work


Our team of highly trained technicians are comprehensive, efficient and pride themselves on performing high quality work. All senior technicians are licensed, have extensive training and instruction to properly inspect and service fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment.


Protegis Fire and Safety are Professionals


Companies partner with the Professionals at PROTEGIS Fire and Safety Experts to provide quality and reliable products and services for all areas of fire and life safety such as system monitoring, inspection and parts – saving time, money, frustration and, potentially, property and lives.

Protegis Fire and Safety are Proactive


Companies count on PROTEGIS to provide proactive services so their Fire and Life Safety systems will perform as designed when lives are on the line – inspection and installation services for all fire alarm, sprinkler, extinguisher and suppression systems ensure they are standing ready to protect your people and property.

Protegis Fire and Safety offer the best Protection


Companies rely on the Protection PROTEGIS offers through centralized fire and life safety monitoring, replacement parts, inspection and installation services – knowing that PROTEGIS is highly regarded for its quality, attention to detail, response times and dedication to protecting people and property.


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