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Protegis believes that since every application is unique and no one agent works best in every application, we are in the best position to offer the system that works best for you. Agent cost, recharge pricing, health and environmental concerns, storage space limitations, and serviceability are all decision-making factors when it comes to selecting the right type of special hazard fire system. Let Protegis’ NICET certified team help you in that selection process.

Kitchen Fire Suppression

Restaurants, Cafeterias, Food Trucks: whether their napkins are paper towels or pressed linen, commercial kitchen operators place their trust in Protegis when it comes to fire safety.

Fire safety in a commercial kitchen encompasses everything from cleanliness, to employee training, to how cooking appliances are arranged. Protegis’s experts are equipped with the knowledge to keep every cooking operation safe. We hold distributorships for all major hood fire suppression systems, ensuring the materials and training needed to service your equipment are readily available. Plus, our service-forward hood cleaning team and partnership with WoolGuard Hood Filters allows you to save money while keeping your hoods cleaner and your facility safe.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Services Offered

Test & Inspection

Repair of existing systems

Emergency recharge service

Hydrostatic testing of system cylinders

Installation of new commercial kitchen fire suppression systems


Protegis offers services that keeps companies compliant, ensures the equipment is ready, improves insurance eligibility and protects people and property.

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Protegis Woolguard Hoodfilters

The same smarter, greener and cleaner way to keep your kitchen hood clean!

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Special Hazard Fire Suppression

Fire protection for your computer room, lab, records storage, historical archives, telecommunication equipment, critical vehicles and other electronic systems is a growing concern.

How do you put a price tag on irreplaceable information? How much does downtime really cost your company? A fire sprinkler system is designed to save lives and building structures, but with all of the resulting water damage, will it save your critical assets and your business?

Protegis is an authorized distributor of major suppression manufacturers. We assure compliance with correct hazard protection and system functionality. Including installation, test & inspection and service of all types and brands of suppression systems (CO2, Foam, Clean Agent, Aerosol, Inert Gas and Hybrid).

Special Hazard Fire Suppression Services Offered

Room Integrity Testing (Door Fan)

Professional, certified, licensed technicians

24 hour on-call

Service packages available

Active member of the Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA)


Brands We Represent

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Protegis and our people are well-known for being comprehensive, efficient and doing great work. Our service personnel have in-depth knowledge of fire codes, insurance requirements and various types of fire protection systems.



Companies partner with the Professionals at PROTEGIS Fire and Safety Experts to provide quality and reliable products and services for all areas of fire and life safety such as system monitoring, inspection and parts – saving time, money, frustration and, potentially, property and lives.


Companies count on PROTEGIS to provide proactive services so their Fire and Life Safety systems will perform as designed when lives are on the line – inspection and installation services for all fire alarm, sprinkler, extinguisher and suppression systems ensure they are standing ready to protect your people and property.


Companies rely on the Protection PROTEGIS offers through centralized fire and life safety monitoring, replacement parts, inspection and installation services – knowing that PROTEGIS is highly regarded for its quality, attention to detail, response times and dedication to protecting people and property.

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