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Should You Replace Your Fire Alarm?


Making sure your alarm is working and in the best possible condition can save lives. However, alarms are not infallible, and sometimes they, too – begin to show wear and tear. Here are some reasons why you might need to get your fire alarm replaced.

Why You Should Replace Your Fire Alarm

The no-brainer reason right off the top is that the alarm itself has failed and is no longer working. We’ll usually discover this during inspections and it’ll need to be addressed immediately. Even if it’s defective or malfunctioning, falling out of compliance with local state and federal authorities and regulations can cost you a pretty penny. Make sure that your building is as safe as you can possibly make it or it could cost you.

The second reason is that when we do inspections, we sometimes find that certain components of an alarm aren’t working or need replacement. That OR the alarm is showing signs that it will fail in the near future. Just like components of a car, when it’s time to replace a part, it’s simply time to replace it.

The last reason to get a new alarm is if you’re doing renovations – where you’ll have to cope with new codes and standards that might make purchasing an upgrade necessary.


Most fire alarm systems last around 12-15 years depending on the make and model. Keep in mind, however – that that life span depends on your taking care of it and making sure that it’s properly installed, fixed and maintained over the years. When these things aren’t happening, your alarm could wear out sooner than expected and you might not realize that you need it replaced until it’s too late.

Why Go New?

It should go without saying that newer systems come with a whole host of advantages. Technology has taken a massive step in recent years and the effectiveness of modernized alarms has increased tenfold. In addition, the newer your system is, the less you’ll have to worry about tests, repairs, and inspections – which for a little while – will save you and your company some money. Most importantly – if a fire does break out – lives will be saved.

If you need to repair your alarm or are worried you may have to replace your system soon, then call Protegis Fire & Safety and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.


What To Ask A Fire Protection Company

Most of the time, we like to share blogs that give you free advice. Just some things that you don’t need to go out of your way to ask us about, or that if you did – would be wisdom that we’d give out for free. But occasionally, your problems or issues go beyond mere inquiry and seep into the area of ‘I need help!’ 

And when you have issues in your commercial space – you’ll clearly want to employ the help of a professional fire service company. But where do you start? What kinds of questions do you ask? 

If you seemingly know almost everything except where to start, then today’s blog is for you. Here are a few things you should ask any potential fire protection company before you hire them. Let’s jump right in! 

What services do you provide?

What kinds of fire protection systems you have or need will go a long way towards determining which fire protection company you go with. Some companies specialize in certain areas over others. Some only work with commercial businesses. Some only work with residential fire safety. Some dabble in both. 

So when you sit down for your first conversation, ask the company what they offer and what they feel they specialize in. Then, it’s simply a matter of inventorying the companies that have the capabilities to meet your needs the best. 

How much experience do you have?

The amount of experience a company has lets you know that the business you’re about to engage with has a long, extended track record. Bad businesses go away quickly, and the longer that business has been around, the more likely they are to be reputable and have some sort of calling card. 

What organizations and certifications do you belong to and have?

Being in the fire safety business isn’t just a matter of tacking up some fire extinguishers to the wall and sending an invoice. Believe it or not, it’s an ongoing, ever-evolving industry with new technology and new codes to grapple with all the time. To keep up, we like to join many organizations – like the NFPA, FSSA, and the NAFED. Long story short – it takes a lot of time, knowledge, and effort to be a leader in this field, and involvement in these sorts of organizations is a good sign that the company you’re potentially going to do business with is dedicated to their craft. 


Let us say this in the clearest possible terms: Fire safety is not a joke and should never be taken lightly. Our company (and many others) emphasize quality and service. We all want a fair deal, but just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it offers you the best value. 

Before selecting a fire protection company, be sure to consider all factors and make an informed decision. Be safe, and feel free to reach out to us anytime to discuss your life safety needs.

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