Woolguard Hood Filters

Woolguard Hood Filters

What if you could keep your hood cleaner—without the hood cleaner?

The problem with grease ducts? Grease. The flammable droplets accumulate on all surfaces of an exhaust system, as well as the nearby roof and walls. It gums up exhaust fans causing them to lose efficiency, and provides ample fuel for hidden fires that can spread throughout a building via the ductwork. Add creosote to the mix—the sooty nasty stuff that flows though the air when solid fuel is burnt—and the issue becomes even more potent.

Grease is the reason hood cleaning is a necessity in the restaurant business. Hoods, ducts, and exhaust fans are all time bombs that are reset whenever they’re cleaned—and will go off eventually if they’re not cleaned. That’s why code says they need to be cleaned to bare metal to remove this caked-on gunk. A clean exhaust system can’t catch on fire, and a clean exhaust fan runs at its intended efficiency.

All of this made the folks at WoolGuard ask the question: What if you could keep grease from ever entering your exhaust system? So that’s what they set about to do. They found by placing sheets of 100% wool in front of traditional baffle filters, they could keep up to 98% of airborne grease from ever passing into the hood and exhaust duct. They also found that an amazing thing happens when you stop almost all grease from entering the exhaust system: the system stays clean.

A Step Up in Safety

UL-listed and proven fire-safe through ETL testing, WoolGuard satisfies all safety requirements of even the toughest jurisdictions. These filters give fire officials an easy way to inspect hoods for grease build-up without ever stepping foot onto a ladder. In fact, some fire departments have even begun installing them in their stations. Less frequent hood inspections and cleanings also means personnel don’t need to climb onto rooftops as often, thereby reducing the likelihood of an injury.

Life Cycle Stages of the WoolGuard Hood Filter

White Paper: Real Solutions for Commercial Kitchen Grease-Related Hazards

Compliance with UL 1046, Standard for Grease Filters for Exhaust Ducts.

NFPA 96 Compliance


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